Free Website Audits for Fitness Professionals

Making sure your website is working for your business doesn’t need to be that complicated or time consuming.

I can tell you exactly what changes to make to your website so you can rest easy knowing it’s designed to generate new leads and make a great first impression. Just fill out your details and I will send you my professional recommendations.

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Do you feel like you can't quite take it to the next level?

Usually its because;
  • The website you spent months creating yourself just doesn’t look or work as good as you want.
  • The leads you do get aren’t quite matching up to the ‘ideal client’ you were hoping for.
  • You're spending way too much time on social media trying to reach and connect with your target market.

After having poured sweat and tears into your website, you just want to know that your website is good enough, doing what it’s supposed to do.

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Get a pro web designer’s eyes on your website.

You started this business so you could help transform your clients physiques, minds and lifestyles, not so you could learn about websites.

You just want an honest expert opinion about your website so that you can focus on being fully present for your clients.

How it works

Request your website audit

Making sure to provide me with any additional details. E.g. about your business and problems you're having.

I send you my recomendations

I'll send you a video outlining what I reviewed and what I found. I'll also share simple updates you can make asap.

Improve your website

You can make the recommended updates yourself or I can make the changes for you.

Hi, I'm Kev

I'm a web designer who specialises in helping online coaches, personal trainers and gym owners who want to grow their business while making a real impact to their clients lives.

I help my clients;
  • Generate leads that convert.
  • Grow their email list of ideal clients.
  • Automate workflows and client onboarding processes, saving them countless hours.
  • Enhance the service they provide through membership websites that are filled with resources for your clients.
Your website is important to your business because its how you build trust with your potential clients and pre qualify any leads.

I’m here to help you make sure that your website is working hard for you.

The website audit is perfect for you if…

  • You (or your partner/neighbour/friend) created your website.
  • It’s been 6+ months since you launched or updated your website.
  • You want a professional web designer’s eyes on your website to make sure you’re not missing anything critical.
  • You have a clear offer, free or paid.

This might not be the best option for you if…

  • You hired a professional web designer to build your website in the last 6 months.
  • You don't see the benefit in a professional design service.
  • You're happy relying on just social media to market and run your business.


My website is on WordPress / Squarespace / Wix / Webflow. Can you help me?

Absolutely. With my website audits, I can help you make sure that your website supports your business goals, regardless of the platform.

After the website audit, will you help me make the recommended changes?

I’d love to. You can always get in touch with me and we can discuss our options for continuing to work together.

What if after the website audit, I decide that I just want you to build a brand new website for me?

That's super exciting! Why not check out my website packages and book a zoom call to discuss further.

I’ve got another question.

Great - get in touch with me here or drop me an email:

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