Member's Lab elevates the Honour Coaching program

Honour Coaching's goal is to completely change the relationship that their clients have with themselves. Honour Coaching helps clients create lasting change in their lives. At the core of this program is education and a deep understanding that real change starts with the mind.

"Real change is in your mindset. Real change is understanding that the way we view ourselves is mental, emotional AND physical".

Every client that works with the Honour Coaching team is taught the techniques and tools they need to create real change in their lives and stick to it. The goal is to empower clients to take control of their own transformation and live their best lives.

Ben approached me looking to create a membership lab. This lab would serve as a central hub for all the resources and information clients need to succeed on their fitness journey.

However, as the project evolved, it became clear that the Honour Coaching Membership Lab needed to be more than just a repository of resources. Ben envisioned the lab as a critical component of the Honour Coaching program, a place where clients could go to get the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Project included:

Membership Labs
Web Design

The Challenge

Ben operates at a high level, why? Because he's a high level coach who's experienced and knowledgeable. He doesn't just work with his clients to put them through a transformation and get great results. He goes deeper and always looks to educate his clients so that they understand how real change is made mentally, emotionally and physically.

Ben had been using Notion to try and onboard clients and share his knowledge but he really felt that this was not user friendly for the client and a lot of feedback was that it was overwhelming. He was also finding it difficult to keep track of his clients progress through the initial first weeks of the programme.

The Solution

I worked with Ben to first map out his programme into more digestable 'chunks'. This allowed us to prioritise what needed to be covered in the onboarding process, the first weeks of the program, and the fundamentals that must be understood for success. By categorising and organising the content in this way, we are able to provide a clear, concise picture of what the client needs to do.

As clients progress through their program, it's important to keep their program up-to-date. This is where our innovative solution comes in. By integrating updates and feedback into the client's dashboard, Ben and his team are able to provide ongoing support and education. This includes updating the client's goals, nutrition, and training, as well as providing video feedback at various stages of the journey.


  • Streamline client onboarding
  • Track client progress across kickstart week
  • Assist in delivery of client programmes
  • One stop shop for ongoing content and resources

Project Planning

With every client I work with, you get a 1-1 service and for Ben's project we collaborated extensively throughout to make sure that at each stage we were on the same page and working towards the best solution that would work for his business and most importantly his clients.

Mobile Responsiveness

The Membership Lab is fully responsive for mobile allowing clients to login and access the content/resources from anywhere.

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