Creating systems for an online coach to level up her service

Miriam helps women across the UK and internationally achieve lasting results. Helping them to get healthy and in shape, whilst continuing to eat the food they love.

Project included:

Web Design
Workflow Automations
Sales Page
Membership Website

The Challenge

Miriam had previously tried designing her own website and soon realised that there was a bit of a learning curve.

She was also spending a great deal of time manually onboarding clients, reminding them to check-in, answering FAQ's and in general managing client expectations.

So the main goal was to save Miriam time to allow her to provide the best possible service to her clients.

The Solution

Working closely with Miriam I helped to formulate an onboarding workflow that not only saved her time but also ties directly in with her client membership website.

The membership website provides her clients with how to Get Started on their programs, outlines what's expected of them and answers those Frequently asked Questions.

The website design matches Miriam's personality so you really get a sense of who she is and what she would be like to work with.
The Goal

Save Miriam time, level up her service and generate more leads.

  • Created a website that Miriam is proud of reflecting her brand and personality.
  • It showcases her professional services.
  • We got specific about her target market.
  • Created an easy to use membership website full of useful client resources.
  • Grew her email list with a Fat Loss lead magnet.
  • Showcased her client transformations.
  • Saved time with automations unique to her workflows.

Automating Miriam's onboarding system

By connecting all the apps she uses to run her business and automating her workflows, Miriam can now focus more of her time on helping her clients.

Sitemap & Wireframe

Planning out the website structure and the page layout is always one of the first steps in any website project. A sitemap allows you to see what pages you need, what content is required and how each page connects to others.

On Brand Design

Through asking lots of questions about Miriam, the business goals, her client base and in general just getting to know her I was able to produce a design style that is on brand and reflects Miriam's outgoing, fun and passionate personality.

The Main website

Miriam's website is a completely bespoke design and fully responsive for mobile. The main focus was providing clear calls to action for potential leads and making sure that the information was relevant to her target market. The design itself is clean, bright and positive, reflecting Miriam and her brand.

Membership website

In the members only area there are resources for her clients allowing them to get started quickly and get answers to any questions they may have. Training videos, nutrition guides and lifestyle tips make up the main content.

What the client had to say

"Before coming to Kev I had knocked up a website quickly on Wix and it was frankly very embarrassing. I needed help not only in creating a professional website but also having a system in place that would make onboarding clients so much easier."

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